The Change Code Oath

Oath - The Change Code

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Resources for Coming Together

The Agents for Change Facebook Group: A supportive group for leaders, visionaries, and changemakers to share ideas, inspiration, and best practices (

ASK DEEP QUESTIONS: Jan Keck’s mission is to create a world where everyone feels like they belong. Where strangers skip the small talk and connect meaningfully. Where relationships travel at the speed of vulnerability. And where we make each other feel heard, seen and valued. He created this amazing deck of conversation starter cards. Each deck of ASK DEEP QUESTIONS includes thoughtful questions that go below the surface to create meaningful connections. (

Jubilee: a media group that exists to create a movement of changemakers for human good. They create shareable human-centric videos that bridge people together, challenge controversial thinking, and inspire love. (

The Common Party: a non-political, non-partisan social movement that is working to bring our country back together in these difficult and contentious times through the celebration of our overwhelming commonality. (

Hidden Tribes: a year-long project to look at polarization, led by More in Common and launched in October 2019. (

Make American Dinner Again: a group that facilitates dinners and positive discussions between individuals with a wide range of political beliefs. (

OpenMind: OpenMind is a psychology-based educational platform designed to depolarize campuses, companies, organizations, and communities. OpenMind helps people foster intellectual humility and mutual understanding, while equipping them with essential skills to engage constructively across differences. (

Weave – The Social Fabric Project: A cultural movement to renew America’s social fabric. Led by author and commentator – David Brooks – and The Aspen Institute. (

Ant Farm: A youth services and community-building non-profit in Sandy, Oregon. (

Make a Change Project: A free website with easy ways you can make a difference. (