The Change Code Book: A Practical Guide to Making a Difference in a Polarized World

You’re a leader with a huge vision. But in today’s polarized world, it’s hard to know what to do. Climate change, immigration, healthcare – how are we supposed to address the world’s biggest problems or the problems in our own community when we can’t even talk to each other?

There’s a reason why things are like this. We’re in the midst of a major shift in consciousness. This is the tipping point.

2019 Nautilus Book Award Winner

Author Monica Bourgeau's new book provides a groundbreaking model—and the ultimate tool for human change. The Change Code gives leaders a practical roadmap for navigating this new world. It’s not too late to save the world, it starts here. Get your copy today.

The Change Code was honored with a 2019 Nautilus Book Award - Better Books for a Better World. It received a Silver awards in the category of All World Cultures Spiritual Growth & Development. Thank you to the team at Nautilus for this recognition.



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Why is there so much polarization in the world today?

How are we supposed to address some of the biggest challenges we face when we can't even talk to each other? Discover The Change Code and find a deeper meaning and understanding in the disorder, as well as practical ways to move forward and make a difference.

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About The Change Code

You have big dreams and yearn to live a purposeful life, but it’s hard to stay inspired in today’s polarized world. The headlines make you want to bury your head under the covers and question your faith in humanity. Climate change, immigration, healthcare –  how are we supposed to address the world’s biggest problems when we can’t even talk to each other?

There is hope, however, because we’re in the midst of a major shift in consciousness. You may have sensed this change. You may have a strong feeling that you’re called to do something more, to live a higher purpose. But you’re not exactly sure what to do. The Change Code is the roadmap for this new world, showing what’s possible.

As you will learn in this book, you are capable of far more than you realize.

In the 1970s, scientist Clare Graves developed a groundbreaking model for human change and evolution. Spiral Dynamics (a.k.a. the “Change Code”) reveals and explains the underlying pattern for human and societal change. It has since been used around the world in some of humanity’s most difficult conflicts—including ending apartheid in South Africa.

When you read The Change Code, you’ll:

  • better predict what changes will happen next,
  • know how to improve your own life and the lives of others, radically,
  • discover your own evolutionary path,
  • create a clear, focused vision for your future and the world,
  • find inspiring ways to serve that actually make a difference,
  • better understand others, and integrate the best parts of their ideas with your own
  • develop bold new solutions and communicate them effectively.

About the Author - Monica Bourgeau

Monica Bourgeau is an entrepreneur, business strategist, speaker, and executive who leads and researches personal and organizational change. She believes we each have a duty to help leave the world a little better than we found it. Monica lives with her husband, daughters, and their two rescue dogs in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

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Foreword By
International Futurist Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald is a futurist and the founder of AADII, a nonprofit change agency, and Future Sense, a podcast and radio show that broadcasts from Byron Bay, Australia. His work supports the ongoing evolution of human consciousness and our global transition beyond the scientific-industrial era.

He has a diverse background spanning military service, management consulting across the government, corporate and nonprofit sectors, and piloting military reconnaissance and civilian rescue helicopters. He has been a director of numerous startup organizations, both commercial and non profit and is currently Executive Director of the charitable Aadii Mesh Foundation, which operates the AADII change agency. He is also co-founder of Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine (PRISM).
Steve has been studying and applying Dr. Clare W. Graves’ theory of human development as a change agent since 2003. He applies the model as a futurist for making sense of global paradigm shifts and anticipating future challenges.
He has a long-term interest in mysticism and has studied with a western mystery school and also practiced Taoist martial and healing energy arts for over 20 years. In 2018, he founded a Taoist order to progress the merging of science and spirituality into a unified understanding of our multidimensional existence.

Applause for The Change Code

"The Change Code provides a unique look into Humanity’s Master Code. It provides a practical application for Graves’ theory in reducing polarization and managing today’s complex and turbulent times.

Rather than single theories of change or single universal one size fits all solutions, the focus is natural design, forms, admixtures, and blends to function, fit and flow. It's what the world needs now, and The Change Code brings it to life."

~Don Beck, Ph.D.,
Author of Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change;
and Spiral Dynamics in Action


"My grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, believed as long as we live in fear we will never be truly free.  We are afraid of change because we are afraid of insecurity. Yet change is the only way we will save humanity from certain disaster.  The Change Code Book will help you understand why change is necessary and how to achieve it.  An excellent read."  

~Arun Gandhi 
Founder, M.K.Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence, Rochester, NY, and
Author of The Gift of Anger a best-seller translated into 30 languages. 

“The perspective that this book shares is critical to the successful navigation of a very uncertain future. Read it and take responsibility!”

~Peter Merry, Ph.D.
Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity University and
Founder, Center for Human Emergence, the Netherlands

"In a time of distraction and disconnection, The Change Code offers hope and direction. Monica Bourgeau has compiled a brilliant body of work that addresses challenges on every level-- from the discontent individual to the struggling corporation, and certainly employs strategies that can be applied on a global scale. Well written and smartly executed, I highly recommend everyone read this wise and timely book!"

~Tamara Dorris, MA
Author of Imagine That! and Mind Over Matter


“Monica’s work is a refreshing reminder of the power of human creativity. This book, and the associated materials, adds a valuable contribution to the Gravesian lineage. Use this work to reveal and work with the deeper codes of humanness as together we make the trapeze-like leap towards a new era.” 

~ Christopher Cooke
Co-founder of 3LM and 5 Deep Limited


"BRAVO!  I’ve continued to reflect upon this insightful work, which means this book is effective. I found myself thinking about my personal and professional experiences going through these colors. This book is a helpful guide for any Change Agent looking to better understand and communicate with individuals representing different colors. Watch for the gems of wisdom woven throughout."

~Kami Norland, MA, ATR
CEO, Integrative Re-Sources